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{SCHOOL} | Tyler TX Photographer

Oh where has the time gone? My kiddos are both in school and with all this free time to edit and shoot, I miss them already!!!! My son Cash was ready to go(he is a social bug) and my Camryn was ready until she got there. It is hard to believe Cash is in Kindergarten, he is such a smarty-pants I am sure he will LOVE it. My girl(as we all like to call her) started the day off ready until we got there and had a little crying spell until they pulled out the PLAYDOUGH!!!!! She was fine after that. Please enjoy the photographs of their first day!


_MG_1768 copy

 Oh I LOVE this face!!!

_MG_1769 copy


_MG_1772 copy


_MG_2133 copy


_MG_2136 copy


_MG_2137 copy

 I could not LIVE without her scrunched-up nose!!!

_MG_2139 copy

Here are a few pics before they started school!


_MG_2108 copy


_MG_2111 copy


_MG_2113 copy


_MG_2116 copy


_MG_2118 copy


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Oh how I love them!!! This was a little bit from their 2yr and 5yr shoot and they made it a little difficult on me, but as you can see we got some AMAZING keepers. They grow so fast and I am thankful to do what I do and capture them everyday. Just yesterday Cash said why do you love Camryn more and pay her more attention(my heart stopped). So, I then quickly pulled out a box of photographs of him and us and showed him that I treasure EVERY moment. The conversation ended with a hug and I Love you Mom, It doesn’t get better than that!

I Love you both,



_MG_1251 copy 

_MG_1210antique1 copy

  _MG_1239antiquetexture copy


_MG_12275x7 copy_1 


_MG_1246bw copy_1


_MG_1240bwantique copy


_MG_1247antique copy


_MG_1273 copy

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Mine|Tyler Texas Photographer

I have not posted about my kids in a while, but I took these series of photos while my son was learning baseball with his Dad. Future star, I think! Of course I am bias, he is a super star in my book. I hope you enjoy!


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{Pumpkin Patch}

I never blog more than once a day, because I don’t have that much time, running a business and taking care of my kids(you understand) above ALL it is great to be a mom! So tonight, I was editing a trip to the pumpkin patch and love the feeling I get when looking at these photos, hope you enjoy!




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You will be seeing alot of my kiddos on this blog! They are my passion and the reason I do what I do. We were playing outside and I could not resist capturing them in this yummy light.

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